More Peaks

Other San Diego or nearby summits not included in the San Diego 100 peaks list. Distances are approximate and round trip.


Buckman 4641’ MapDirections

A seldom visited summit with superb views of the surrounding valleys. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to shorten the hike as desired, then go cross-country from the road. 3.4 miles and 1300' gain/loss.


Cuyapaipe 6378’ Pics 1 2MapDirections

San Diego's neglected third highest peak, relatively easy, and great views into the desert. Some info here about staying off of private property. 2.0 miles and 750' gain/loss.


Goat 1728’ Pics 1MapDirections

Different than the Goat Benchmark included in the San Diego 100 peaks list, this offers a nice viewpoint, and a bit more adventure, without the crowds like its busy neighbor Iron Mountain. 5 miles and 1300' gain/loss.


Guatay 4885’MapDirections

A pleasant hike with a panoramic ridge finish near Pine Valley. 5.3 miles and 1800' gain/loss.


Long Valley 4880’Pics 1 2 3MapDirections

A bit of an adventure hike from the road running along the east side of the peak. Heavy brush in spots, and a short scramble if you stick to the east ridge. 4.5 miles and 1100' gain/loss (from the parking area near the 8, but the dirt road is navigable by most vehicles).


Lyons 3720’ Pics 1 2 3 4MapDirections

Aesthetic from all sides, one of the most striking peaks in the county. A direct cross-country hike from the south keeps you from dealing with an irritable property owner blocking the scenic route up the fire road. 1.8 miles and 1300' gain/loss.


Margarita 3189’ Pics 1 2MapDirections

A feeling of remoteness can be had on this summit, with views into Camp Pendleton. 1.8 miles and 700' gain/loss.


Peak 6582 6582’ Pics 1 2 3MapDirections

AKA Dawn's Peak AKA Lorenzens. A long yet rewarding day gets you to this peak (technically outside of the county) along the main Santa Rosa ridgeline. Park in an appropriate spot along Rockhouse Road (sometimes sandy) to shorten the flat desert approach as much as possible (Google only takes you so far). More route info here. 14 miles and 5800' gain/loss.

Perpendicular Bluff 1741’ Pics 1 MapDirections

A rolling hike to this survey marker gets you some good views of the surrounding desert, higher peaks, and the Salton Sea on a clear day. 4 miles and 1000' gain/loss.


Poser 3917’ Pics 1 2 3 Map Directions

A short cross-country hike with stellar views, including Cuyamaca’s north face. Pick a parking spot along the well-groomed Viejas Grade Rd, and head up. 1.5 miles and 750' gain/loss.


Rabbit 6640’ Pics 1MapDirections

A true test piece. Often done as a backpack, though I much prefer this one as a long dayhike. The actual summit sits just outside of the county, though most of the hike lies within. Lots more info here. 24 miles and 8300' gain/loss.


San Miguel 2565’ Pics 1 Map Directions

A prominent peak seen from much of San Diego. Don't let the towers distract you from views to the Pacific and deep into Mexico on a clear day. 5.5 miles and 2000' gain/loss.


Shake and Quake 3055’/3164’ Pics 1 2MapDirections

Tag two easy benchmarks in scenic Blair Valley. The directions get you to the turnoff from the highway. 0.6 miles and 200' gain/loss, 1 mile and 500' gain/loss, respectively.


Starvation 2140’  Pics 1MapDirections

A distinct squared off summit when viewed from the 15 freeway, overshadowed by its neighbor Mt. Woodson to the southeast. Legal parking can be a challenge, but this one shouldn't take too long... 1 mile and 650' gain/loss.


Sycuan 2801’ MapDirections

A quick jaunt to an infrequently visited summit with views of Lawson Valley, the Loveland Reservoir, and more. 2 miles and 750' gain/loss.