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In 2009, I grabbed my motorcycle license so that I could rent one if the urge came up during any of my travels (to which it did in Nicaragua in 2011).  The bike I learned to ride on was a dual-sport, basically a big street-legal dirtbike, or more appropriately, an adventure bike.  These bikes can go everywhere, and I was hooked. I eventually traded up for a 2003 Suzuki DR650 that already had some much needed modifications - racks for gear storage, a bigger gas tank, and a digital tach and speedometer. Then I added heated grips, highway pegs, changed the color (yellow is not my thing), and installed a 12V power socket for charging my phone or GPS. Now I've had the bike out on tons of trips- hiking, climbing, and camping off the bike, and always had a great time.  Below are photos of the bike and a few links to galleries from some of my favorite motorcycle trips:

Salton Sea
Joshua Tree and Salton Sea
Pamo Valley
Ladder Canyon and The Slabs
Main Divide
CA, AZ, and Mexico Desert Peakbagging

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