2017 - May 8 - 9 » Reyes, Haddock, Beartrap Bluff

I spent a few days hiking in scenic Ventura near the 33 highway, an area that's become one of my favorites. Monday I hiked Reyes and Haddock peaks, an 8-mile out and back along a ridge that affords constant views. Tuesday I hiked the more obscure Beartrap Bluff, a 12 mile hike mostly along a deserted trail with a scrambly finish. These were my last peaks in Ventura on the HPS list, but it won't be my last visit.

Beartrap (1)
Beartrap (2)
Beartrap (3)
Reyes_Haddock (1)
Reyes_Haddock (2)
Reyes_Haddock (4)
Reyes_Haddock (5)