2017 - May 31 - June 1 » Local SD fun - Cabrillo, Sandtrap Canyon, Mushroom House

With some time to kill around San Diego, I checked out a few sights that I've had on my mind. Wednesday I rode my bike from Mission Beach to Cabrillo National Monument, checking out Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery along the way. Thursday, I did some beach hiking, first poking around the "Mushroom House", a cool house built into the cliffs that includes a tram to the main residence above, and then found my way into Sandtrap Canyon, a slot canyon just off the beach that contains a waterfall, mostly unknown to the crowds that frequent this area. Very cool stuff!

Cabrillo (1)
Cabrillo (2)
Cabrillo (3)
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Cabrillo (11)
MushroomHouse (1)
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SandtrapCanyon (1)
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