2009 - Jun 12-16 » Yosemite

Yosemite speaks for itself. I did some mild hikes with friends, left the park one day to dayhike Mt. Ritter, and did an easy solo hike of Mt. Hoffman.

yosemite (0)
Half Dome
yosemite (1)
The Valley
yosemite (2)
Early Morning Approach
yosemite (3)
Shadow Lake
yosemite (4)
Ediza Lake Approach
yosemite (5)
Mt. Ritter
yosemite (6)
Above Ediza
yosemite (7)
Clyde Col
yosemite (8)
The Southeast Glacier
yosemite (9)
yosemite (10)
Ritter Approach
yosemite (11)
Vernal Falls
yosemite (12)
Cathedral Rocks
yosemite (13)
Mama Bear
yosemite (14)
May Lake and Mt. Hoffman
yosemite (15)
Hoffman Views
yosemite (16)
Views of Cathedral
yosemite (17)
Yosemite Rock