New Mexico

I'd been to Los Alamos for work a few years back, but my second and third trips to New Mexico were much more fun. Photos are from Ship Rock, Chaco Canyon, a snowy climb of New Mexico's high point, Wheeler Peak (13159'), Roswell, Ft. Sumner (Billy the Kid's grave), White Sands, and Carlsbad Caverns. New Mexico ranks high on my list of states to visit...

Chaco (14)
Chaco (25)
ShipRock (4)
ShipRock (7)
ShipRock (11)
Wheeler (2)
Wheeler (10)
Wheeler (11)
CarlsbadCaverns (2)
CarlsbadCaverns (7)
FortSumner (3)
Roswell (3)
WhiteSands (1)
WhiteSands (14)